Solo Scene

It’s a long time now that I’ve been playing solo concerts. Apart from London, my home town, I have played in Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Morocco and now, of course, in France. I pick the music from songs that I have have always loved by artists such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Van Morisson, Chuck Berry, Eric Clapton, Cat Stevens, the Beatles and the Stones as well as many others and I have a large repertoire mainly from the 50s, 60s and the Seventies.

This style is reflected in my own compositions which I feature more and more after having recorded two albums РTroubad̩lic and Troubamour. Following the success with the public of my own work I now enlist the talents of two fine musicians to highlight these special songs РLazare Reznik on violin and Pascale Michaut on bass and vocals.

On this site you can listen to some of these tracks on the page titled ‘Troubamour’ where there is a lso a link to the lyrics.






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